How to Get Free WiFi Using WiFi Finder

Use the free WiFi Map app to detect networks on your smartphone. This guide covers connecting to mobile access points and methods for free internet access.

By 2023, locations without internet are unimaginable, and slow connections are unacceptable. It’s essential to optimize internet connections on all devices to stay connected to social media networks like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.

What are Free WiFi Finder Apps?

In our guide, you will learn how to detect free internet connections in your area. But for this, it is helpful to list the programs you need first. It is possible to simplify the process with the applications listed below.

5. OpenSignal

OpenSignal, or WiFiMapper, lists dozens of free access points around you. The successful application got a passing grade from users in digital stores. We think you’ll love the app that maps ports around the world.


Once you open OpenSignal, a popular free WiFi finder, you’ll have a lot of options. With the comprehensive application, it is also possible to detect the speed of the access point you are connected to. 

Here are the features of the program:

  • Wide access point map
  • internet speed test
  • Download and upload quality test
  • Data usage indicator

4. WiFiMan

WiFiMan, ranking fourth on our list with a 4.7 score, has pleased millions of users. This tool ensures you have no trouble finding free internet, and its fast, user-friendly design allows you to view nearby WiFi networks.


WiFiMan recommends that the network offers the best performance among its access points. This makes it easy to connect to the best internet for free instantly.

  • Comprehensive WiFi network discovery protocol
  • Fast and intelligent interface design
  • A completely ad-free experience

3. Hotspot and Public WiFi Finder

On this note, we also encountered Hotspot Public WiFi Finder, an app that provides a successful experience domestically and internationally. Besides finding free WiFi, users can view Hotspot points in their location.

The popular tool also evaluates the speed and security of WiFi hotspots, guiding users to the best free options. We have listed the program’s features that stand out as a free WiFi finder.

  • Offers a detailed WiFi network by referring to different data banks
  • Fast and user-friendly interface
  • Ideal for travel

2. WiFi Monitor: Network Analyzer

WiFi Monitor, another popular tool on our list, enables users to access internet connections wherever they are. Once downloaded, you can browse free WiFi networks in your location and easily connect to any network you choose.

The tool, which has over one million downloads, offers a detailed system.

  • Details about the port
  • Ping information
  • Router signal strength

1. WiFi Map

Suppose you want to view access points near your current location. WiFi Map also stands out as an application that successfully fulfils this task. The popular tool has rushed to support tens of thousands of users when finding free internet.

The widespread application allows users to view over 150 million WiFi hotspots, with access points increasing daily through regular updates. The developer, WiFi Map LLC, also considers user feedback to cater to those looking for free internet.

  • Millions of access points
  • Quick connect opportunity
  • Detailed information about the access point

How to Find Free WiFi with WiFi Map?

WiFi, with one of the world’s most extensive hotspot maps, displays over 150 million access networks. With the motto “Internet everywhere”, it helps users find accessible networks in their area. How can you use it?

Open the digital store to download the application you can use on smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems.

  • Tap the Google Play Store or App Store search bar.
  • Type WiFi Map and press the search key.
  • The application appears on the App Store as WiFi Map: Internet, eSIM, VPN.
  • You can also see it as WiFi Map: Internet, VPN on Google Play Store.
  • Before downloading the tool, make sure its developer is WiFi Map LLC.
  • Start downloading by pressing the download button and installing the application on your device.

After installing, we can start using the free WiFi finder application.

1. Open the WiFi Map

Open the application and accept the terms of use in the window. The app will ask for location access. You need to approve the app’s location permission for the WiFi password discovery process.

After giving the permission, you will see the complete version offer. Reject the full version offer here and wait for the app’s map detection process. After opening the map, viewing all the ports around you is possible.

2. Select the WiFi point you want to connect to

Identify a network you want to connect to from the connection map. Tap the network you want to connect to. On top of that, WiFi Map will transmit how far you are physically from the network you selected.

3. Check out the Last Password section

WiFi Map uses a user-fed database, so password information for a selected network is provided by other users. You can check the “Last Password” section to learn the latest version of the network password.

Be aware that the “Last Password” may be outdated. To connect to the WiFi network, approach the area and try using the password from that section.

Remember, the application relies on community contributions, so updating the tool weekly is beneficial. This way, you can obtain current information in the Last Password section and access points in other sections.

Free WiFi Finder: Frequently Asked Questions

At this point, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions about WiFi Map free WiFi finder. You can find the answers to your questions right below.

How to find free WiFi?

As mentioned above, you can view the last password used to connect to a network with this tool. After you do this, you can find out if the password is correct by clicking on the web.

Is WiFi Map paid?

WiFi Map provides service for free. But there are many different features in the professional version of the application. If you wish, you can purchase the Pro version by paying and taking advantage of the tool’s extensive features.

How can I find out the WiFi password?

Check the back of your modem for your internet network password. If you’ve changed the password since installation, use a different method.

For this, you can enter the CMD command line, contact your internet provider or view the password on your computer. If you want to find the password of another WiFi network, WiFi Map will help you.

We have listed all the critical points you need to know about the WiFiWiFi Map Free internet finder app.